Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...The Much Delayed Post

Okay so since I was such a slacker and haven't posted anything for almost a month we're going to do a quick recap and leave out all the boring stuff I'm sure people don't want to hear. Easier said than done because now I have to sum everything in order of importance and we all know how good I am at writing short pieces.

Well the week following Children's Day was my birthday and Teacher's Day. Ashley and Jess got me a present which was very sweet of them and we all went out for Thai food. With a field trip in the morning and a relaxing day with friends, it was a pretty good birthday, especially since I spent it away from home yet again. We ended up going to Big Rock Brewery, a Canadian themed loungey bar in Gagnam and enjoyed our very own beer tower and the much awaited caesar, or bloody Mary's. In Korea you take what you can get (and don't take it further). The night was followed by a kareoke room where we belted out some Beach Boys, Lindsay Lohan, The Little Mermaid, among others. So it turned out to be a pretty good birthday weekend.

Teacher's Day is a day of appreciation for teachers where the students bring presents for their teachers. Mine included gift cards, whitening sun screen, alot of cards,and a bottle of wine (special thank you to Michelle's mom for that one). Others got presents like whole cakes, snake skin tights and coffee gift cards. Of course nothing says I love you teacher like a pair of snake skin leggings.

The Sunday, Alex and I went to a soccer game (Korea 2: Ecuador 0), also the last home game of the year before the world cup, in which both South Korea and North Korea quailified but not Canada or Russia (wtf). Turns out Koreans love their soccer with a firework ceremony, some performances and a march around the stadium with a flag for a post game show. Me and Alex were thrown into a moshpit of Koreans and posed for pictures for a good 10 minutes. Gotta love it. GO REDS!!

The weekend of the May 24 weekend back home was a long weekend here too for Budda's Birthday so we all headed to Busan (Korea's version of South Beach) to have one last weekend before Kevin left and to enjoy the sun. Or so we thought. After quite the fun train ride on the KTX (350 km/h doesn't feel that fast when you're playing drinking games and being rowdy) we got to Busan after 1 and embarked on a search for a motel. We headed to Thursday Party for drinks and stayed out till 5 am just in time to hit the beach for the beginning of a sunrise. Me and Hanna got up early and headed for breaky where we got the call about North Korea and South Korea tension and the possibility of war. This was followed by another bad news call from Ashley telling us we were getting thrown out of our hotel. So off we went to one that was cheap, and rightly so since it was a very nice hooker joint came night time. We spent the rest of the day on the beach getting harassed by a Canadian guy who wouldn't go away and headed to Breeze Burns for dinner for delicious burgers and sandwiches with an hour wait time. The night/morning finished off with Thursday Party again where we danced, sang S Club and met some more Canadians. That was as good as it got since the next 2 days were full of non stop rain. We went to see a Giants game, which was cancelled after we got our tickets and after Jessica pushed a security guard back. We ended up going to see Nightmare on Elm St. and then went out for dins and spent the night with drinking games and taking it easy. Sunday was the day of saying goodbye to Busan, rainy weather and we headed back home on another 3 hour KTX ride. Kevin left that Tuesday morning so we had a goodbye dinner and were sad to see him go, which was followed by Jessica and Ashley leaving this morning to an even sadder departure.

On a side note we celebrated their final weekend in style by going to an Italian cafe in Itaewon and then to a ladies drink free night (bad news bears) and of course Gold Bar. It was a night to remember, or forget, seeing how none of us seemed to have remembered what happened on Saturday night. Looks like this weekend we're taking it easy and spending time with the new teachers Jennifer and Jake.

More to come, and more frequently (promise, as they love to make promises in Korea).

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