Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

It's almost been a month since I've been here and here's the news which I have not posted due to serious slacking on my part. First, we had the new teacher Brandon who came from Canada last 4 days and run away during lunch one day. Mr. Moon found his keys in the door and his stuff gone, oh the pressures of JM English School, but understandable cause it can get overwhelming at first. Second, we took the kids to the tombs by our school on a mini field trip and have a legit one this week, unless it gets cancelled due to the possibility of, but no actual rain like the last one.

Natalie took us to a breakfast place called Butterfinger Pancake in Gagnam, for the low price of 17 dollars you can get a plate of french toast, sausage, bacon and home fries, but completely worth it! Turns out it is possible to get a typical American breakfast here after all, especially when it's for dinner. Next cream for dinner? There is a ColdStone Creamery across the street after all.

Speaking of Natalie, she left us to go back to America, or Florida to vacation with her fam and we got one last goodbye dinner to celebrate. We also celebrated Hanna's birthday by going out for Indian food at this newly reno'd place. I only had to come to Korea to have Indian food for the first time after living in Brampton for like 10 years, go figure.

Last weekend we ended up in Namdaemun and checked out the market with Casey and Eric. Need some weird fruit or elephant underwear with a trunk, you can find it at the market. Louis Vuitton steering wheel covers? You can get that here. (Oh wait, LV doesn't make steering wheel covers...) Followed by Eric's real Korean BBQ experience we headed to the Seoul Tower. Pictures don't even describe the view but this city looks amazing at night! Followed by soju slushies and Hongdae University where we went to several bars and had ALOT of drinks and made our way home for 7 am, yet again.

This weekend we did the Nori bang, aka the kareoke room you rent out and sing your heart out while sipping on your own 1.5L bottles of beer that you smuggled in. Nothing like Under the Sea to make your night complete after a long week of work. But I guess it could get worse then getting paid to color and eat birthday cake.
Saturday I got to shop at Itaewon and learn to bargain with salesmen. The perfect place for foreigners with everything you could possibly want from coffee, burgers, subway and any kind of knock off you could imagine. Sunday me and Alex headed to Dongdaemun and walked around and got waffles and pogos wrapped in french fries. See pic below.

Probably can clog your heart in one bite, but a very delicious way to go out. We hit up Itaewon for dinner at Kraze Burger and got our fill of Westerners and delicious food. Oh how fast the weekends fly and its back to work tomorrow. But it's getting warmer and summer is coming and it can only get better then! Oh and now that the Leafs are out of the playoffs it can only get better as well!

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  1. Secretly I wish we could get Pogos wrapped in french fries here. Probably better for my arteries not to have them though:p