Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Weekend

The school week ended, complete with a party with Pizza and finished lesson plans, which meant it was time to relax, unwind and drink our faces off. The new teacher got in on Friday, his name is Brandon and he's a fellow Canadian from the heart of Toronto and not just the surrounding area. He was too tired so he didn't make it out to dins with us, which meant he missed us drinking on the walk to the restaurant (that's right drinking is fair game EVERYWHERE HERE). We ended up at Goldbar III once again, which involved tequila shots, darts and some meeting of the Asian crowd, nothing like a Korean girl tell you she likes your body (flatering or creepy, you decide). I left sometime after 1 since we had to make it to Jangokk for our health exam for 9 am the next day and it was a very lovely morning when you wake up still drunk and have to go get blood work done. It was a pretty brutal subway ride for me and Hanna due to this but we managed to get that done and made McD's breakfast which is conveniently across the street. Health exam which includes measurements, physical, x-rays, blood test, hearing and eye test and of course a urinal sample for the low price of 82 dollars.

We walked around and got smoothies and bought some cards and headed to the Sports Stadium to meet everyone else for the baseball game. Go Doosan Bears! Season opener, huge crowds and alot of clappers would describe it in part. The cheerleaders start off dressed and strip down and start doing Bring It On style cheers and flips. Argos and Raptors girls need to learn from that. Ballons are let out and scatter across the stadium and the crowd does a different cheer for every batter, presented by the guy directing the cheers. What would your batter song be? Despite being super chilly, our team won 8-3. And then it was onto TGI Fridays for dinner, with our rez like family. The plan was we all take 2 hours after dinner to shower and get ready to go out but it somehow turned into everyone being too tired and us sitting around reading gossip magazines and drinking coffee. Not a bad day overall and gave us all to see each other for Vitaliy's and John's last weekend, as they are leaving on Thursday.

Sunday consisted of doing the tourist thing with Adam, where we met up at Seoul Station and headed to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Pretty impressive and cool for a reconstruction of something that was destroyed by the Japanese. We walked around, I made him take pictures of me in a traditional costume and we went to the Folk Museum which taught us about 3 year mourning period, where the son of the dead parent has to offer the spirit breakfast and supper every day for 3 years. The arranged marriages in Korea were done in the groom's home and included bringing over blue and red silks and a goose to symbolize eternal fidelity. Cute, huh?

The whole thing was pretty interesting to see and after some dinner with Adam's friend Zach and me attempting to buy a router and set it up the weekend was over just like that.

Back to work once again.

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  1. Love hearing about your adventures girl..keep it up! Miss you!!! xo (it's tams btw...for some reason I had to log into my ancient livejournal to post this!)