Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Pingers, Itaewon and A Whole Lot of Westerners

So it's officially been a week since I've been here. Survived my first ever weekend in this country which turned out to be a pretty fun one. I had to pick up Adam from Lotte World and got to go through the huge department store and see the whole mall in all its glory. It was followed by 12 hours in heels in which I got to try Jajangmyeon (noodles topped with thick black bean sauce) and got to take my first Metro trip to Itaewon aka party central and westerners central. While down there you might forget you're in Korea all together and not back home. We went to 2 bars and 1 club where I was surrounded by military men trying to get with the innocent Korean girls who didn't know better. Since subways don't start again till 5 am we had to stay out all night. Nothing says party like going to bed with sunrise and getting KFC for street food, while some people are eating breakfast at the same time. Surprisingly the funniest part of the night happened in there when a gay man was crying after a break up with his boyfriend and I was used to console him. He thanked me by kissing me on the head and telling me he thought Adam was hot. Gotta love Korea!

After going to bed at 7 and waking up at noon, I was dragged out to a ball hockey game with the other girlies followed by delicious Korean BBQ. Turns out in Korea you can go to baseball and soccer games with your own booze, or buy it for store price and get absolutely loaded all under $20. (You can also do the same in the movie theatre, popcorn and a beer? don't mind if I do).

With only 500 changes made to my schedule I'm ready to embark on my journey as an actual teacher tomorrow after getting to teach some of the class today. They're probably happy to have me do what they're paying me for though, and I'm excited to try and control the little buggers and keep them from running around!!

Me and Hanna treated ourselves to a pedicure and chicken pingers (too bad Koreans don't understand f's) and we're embarking on a trip to H&M tomorrow! That's right the first ever opened one in South Korea, in the fashion are on Myungdong street. Or where all the designer stores are and some of the best fashion designers in the world sell their clothes. No big deal. Only 40 min away but totally worth it. That's the price of beauty girls.

Annyeonghi gaseyo (goodbye)

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