Friday, March 19, 2010


So it's finally Friday and we all got through the day and can't wait for the weekend. Also found out I won't be teaching 2 of the classes till Wednesday and had to write yet another report. But it's getting better, especially with the discovery of a dunkin donuts that serves espresso for 3 dollars a shot close to the school. Money well spent. Some of the people are going to see Shutter Island tonight (2nd time around? No thanks!) but I got to move in early into my new place aka Vitaliy's old place and unpack. He did an amazing job of cleaning the place and it smelled like clean febreeze when I got here! It's surprisingly big and will be my home for the next 362 days so better get used to it and learn to love it! It already has more storage space than back home so it kinda makes me happy to have a whole shelf just for my shoes. We live close to Lotte World, which is a mall/superstore/skating rink/amusement park all in one! I will be going there tomorrow to meet Adam who's finally here (!!) and get grocerries and a lighter for my hot plate (no baking ovens for Koreans). Lotte World looks like Disney World at night and I cannot wait to go to the actual amusement park in the near future! Since Adam will be here tomorrow I imagine a trip to Itaewon or Hongdae (2 party downtown areas) are in order so there will be a follow up of what I can only imagine will be a messy night!

Gotta love the weekend, especially in a foreign country!

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