Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day II

Totally got lost going to school and had to turn around and come back and start over but survived my second day of watching other teachers and eating porridge, which is a common Korean food to cure sicknesses (or hangovers following St. Patty’s), which surprisingly is super delicious. If you’re willing to give it a chance Korean food is very delicious and very cheap (starting at 1 dollar and going up to 16 for a feast). And I'm even eating the spicy sauce so noone can say I'm not giving it a chance, even while burning the insides of my mouth.

I found out I will be starting teaching on Monday with about 4 or 5 classes so it shall be interesting and overwhelming and will be moving into my new place on Saturday! Turns out golf is a huge thing in Korea and the children on Fridays get a specific golf teacher to come in and go to the driving range on top of the school. There is tonnes of virtual golf here, however to find an actual golf course you have to go outside of Seoul. One more day and it's the weekend!

Ps. Turns out there is McDelivery here and McDonalds delivers right to your door. Jealous, I know!

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  1. Oh man, hate getting lost. That's my biggest fear. Very proud that you're eating all the food, even the spicy stuff. You're growing up before my very eyes! *sniff* Miss you!